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City of Absecon Seal     City of Absecon, 500 Mill Road, Absecon, NJ 08201, 609-641-0663  City of Absecon photos

  Public Safety

Mike O'Hagan, Construction Official & Zoning Official
Leigh Gadd – Code Enforcement Officer
Municipal Complex, 500 Mill Road Absecon, N.J. 08201
Phone:  609-641-0663,  ext. 113

Sub-Code Officials:
Building & Fire – Mike O'Hagan
Electrical – Shelton Marsden
Plumbing – Tom McGonigle
Technical Assistant – Kim Kollman

Rental Registration

52:27D-120, PURPOSE - It is the intent and purpose of this act:

A. To encourage innovation and economy in construction and to provide requirements for construction and construction materials consistent with nationally recognized standards.

B. To formulate such requirements, to the extent practicable, in terms of performance objectives, so as to make adequate performance for the use intended as the test of acceptability.

C. To permit to the fullest extent feasible the use of modern technical methods, devices and improvements, including pre-manufactured systems, consistent with reasonable requirements for the health, safety, and welfare of occupants or users of buildings and structures.

D. To eliminate restrictive, obsolete, conflicting and unnecessary construction regulations that tend to unnecessarily increase construction costs or retard the use of new materials, products or methods of construction, or provide preferential treatment to types of classes of materials or products or methods of construction.

E. To insure adequate maintenance of buildings and structures throughout the State and to adequately protect the health, safety and welfare of the people.

F. To eliminate unnecessary duplication of effort and fees in the review of construction plans and the inspection of construction.


Applications and forms for all proposed work must be filled out completely unless specifically waived by Sub-code Official (building, plumbing, electrical and mechanical contractors names, addresses and license numbers must be included).

Two complete sets with each sheet sealed by New Jersey licensed Architects. Homeowner may draw his own plans for his private residence, which must be for his own use and occupancy, provided he does the construction and providing he signs the necessary affidavit and provided, in the opinion of the Construction Official and Sub-code Official, the plans are legible and complete.

Show all existing and proposed construction (distance from all lot lines, square feet of construction and lot, and drawn from a boundary line survey).

Front, rear and two sides (include sizes and dimensions of chimneys, roof, soffit and craw space ventilation, grades, porches and steps, gutters and leaders, window and door headers).

Show room sizes and uses, direction of floor joist, window and door location, beam size and locations, smoke detector location.

Show size and location of footings, foundation walls, girder sizes, double joists and header locations.

Full cross section of each type construction listing all materials, sizes and spacing, insulation and R value, height measurement from ground to floor, to ceiling and to roof, and pitch of roof.

Window schedules, door schedules, stair details and fireplace details.

Show make, model, size, eer, corp. rating and location of unit, size, location, material, material thickness of all supply and return ducts.

Show types and location of fixtures, pipe sizes, isometrics, vents and stack method, sewage disposal and size of system (if septic).

Show location of all lighting, receptacles, service location, breaker sizes, circuit designation.

The existing floor plan and construction must be shown separately as well as the proposed addition and alterations.

Certificate of Continuing Occupancy
Chapter 160-2

(1) No person, company, partnership, firm or corporation shall occupy, prepare for occupancy or otherwise intend to occupy property in the City of Absecon City until a Certificate of Continuing Occupancy (CCO) has been issued certifying and stating that said property is in compliance with the 1990 Edition of the BOCA Property Maintenance Code.

(2) No building or structure in the City of Absecon City in which there is a change in owner, tenant or occupant shall be occupied until a Certificate of Continuing Occupancy (CCO) has been obtained.

(3) No building or structure in the City of Absecon City which has been vacated shall be reoccupied until a Certificate of Continuing Occupancy (CCO) has been obtained.

(4) The provisions of this section shall not be applicable to individual guest rooms or suites or residential hotels or motels, as identified in the BOCA National Building Coe for Residential Use Group R-1

Application Attached

(An application for the CCO shall be obtained for each separate residential unit or commercial tenant space upon each change in owner, tenant or occupant.)


Single Family/Commercial $75.00 per unit /
Hotels/Motels $75.00 + $10.00 per unit (max $450.00)

Fees Non-Refundable

(No Mercantile License shall be issued until the CCO is obtained.)