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Flood Information

Need answers to floodplain questions?

If you want to know if an Absecon property is located in the Special Flood Hazard Area contact the Floodplain Administrator at 609-641-0663, extension 113 or visit the Construction Office, located in the municipal complex, 500 Mill Road Absecon.

You can view the City's Flood Insurance Rate Map, obtain information on flood depths, natural conservation areas, special regulations for building in the flood hazard area and information on protecting your property from flood damage. We also provide information on flood insurance and maintain copies of FEMA Elevation Certificates on all buildings constructed or substantially improved in the Special Flood Hazard Area since October 2014.


National Flood Insurance Program Rating

The National Flood Insurance Program

FEMA - National Flood Insurance Program

FEMA - Flood Map Service Center

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