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Tina Lawler, Secretary of the Boards
Municipal Complex, 500 Mill Road Absecon, N.J. 08201
Phone:  609-641-0663,  x112    Fax:  609-645-5098

The purpose of the Planning Board is to hear applications for Site Plans, Subdivisions and Site Plan Waivers.

The Zoning Department reviews proposed buildings (structures), subdivisions, site plans, and signs for compliance with the zoning ordinance, and issues zoning and sign permits.

The administration of the Planning Board and  Zoning Board of Adjustment is the responsibility of this department.

A bulk variance is needed when your addition does not meet the setback requirements of your zone.

A use variance is needed when you want approval for a building that is not approved for that zone.

Fees & Escrows:

All applications require an application fee and escrow fees when they are submitted. Applications must be submitted a minimum of 21 days before a scheduled meeting to be considered for that meeting.